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4 Tips to Score Good Marks in 12th Physics


Physics is one of the most daunting subjects of 12th that makes most of us tense and restless leading to sleepless nights and panic days. The urge to secure good marks in Physics is genuine inorder to bag a modest or rather a good score that serves as a gateway for building our career. It is pretty much possible to score good marks in 12th physics with proper guidance and consistency in studying. The major important points that must be considered to secure good marks are highlighted below:


Time Management

Time can kill your performance and hence it is of utmost importance to manage your time to suit your need.

  1. You need to organize a timetable and plan your studies accordingly which includes a daily practice session of physics majorly solving numerical and revising theory.
  2. Divide equal time of study with your primary subjects and devote atleast an hour and half for physics to get the fundamentals clear and in your fingertips.

Formula Charts

Out of sight is out mind! This stands true even while preparing for your exam. Physics is filled with a stack of formulas and keeping them in mind holds high significance.

  1. Preparing formula charts and notes for quick reference and sticking them in your rooms will keep it before your sight always.
  2. Using colored pens and highlighting the important points to get a glimpse on them repetitively will help to memorize them for a longer span.

Solve Question Papers

Solving papers of last tenthat will give you an idea of question patterns and difficulty level. Most often the questions are repeated or given in a twisted way.

  1. Solving papers of ten years will give you confidence and also help you have an idea on the questions and numerical.
  2. You can keep a track on time too and summarize your answers better within the stipulated time. Be neat and don’t produce filthy answer sheets.

Do not panic!

Physics has always been fearsome and students tend to take it as a nightmare. The most important tip to score well in physics is to be confident during your exam and stay steady.

  1. Remember you have studied enough and all you need to do is retain what you have learnt. Being panic will only erase what you have studied curbing your exam.
  2. Hence stay calm and sleep well the night before exam to be relaxed and fresh the next day and remember every detail you have learnt.


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