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Smart phone at a smart price – Samsung galaxy S


A smart phone is not a luxury anymore, it is more like a need and a necessity. More than anything, it is a status symbol that cannot be compromised with. It is important that one has a smart phone to make sure that he is not let out of anything and is updated about everything as and when it happens. There are many companies that have introduces a wide range of smart phones into the market, Samsung seems to be leading the market. The classic style, design and simplicity of the phones distinguish them from their competitors. Anyone who will review Samsung Galaxy S, or any other phone from the league, will agree that it is the best phone available for the price that it has quoted in the market.

The key features of the phone are:

–          Touch screen smart phone (Capacitive)

–          Android enabled.

–          Expandable external storage – up to 64 GB.

–          512 MB RAM.

–          5 MP camera with auto focus and flash.

–          VGA front camera.

There are many who do not like the trend of the having a big smart phone. They would like to have all the features but in a smaller and easy-to-slide-into-pocket phone. Owing to the small size and a little bit of variation in the features, this phone is the best one available on the market. Other brands that offer phones that the same price do not perform half as well as this one.

The phone is available in different colours and variations. Some of them even offer the option of inserting two sim cards in the same smart phone so that it is not difficult for a person to manage his professional and personal life. The basic purpose of a smart phone is to increase connectivity, keep the user up-to-date and to make the hassled life a little simpler. Any person who has the chance to review Samsung Galaxy S will definitely agree that it performs all these tasks much better than expected.


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